Value Creation & Exchange Part 1: Understanding Utility & Value Propositions


The BRIDGE Entrepreneurship Open Learning Series: Start Your Journey

Begin to investigate the value creation and exchange of your idea.

This module will focus on understanding and communicating your value through utility and value proposition. 

In this module, you will address the following questions:

  • What is value creation and exchange?  
  • How can you develop product and service concepts with a focus on value and communicate that effectively? 

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Analyze products and services in order to break them down into their utility components
  • Assess the value of a product or services from the perspective of a typical user

Take a screenshot of the summary page if you are completing this module as a grade. 

script for the audio is available, as well as an instructor guide and assets.  


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This module is developed by Sarah Shujah, Danielle Moed, Al Hearn, Bill McConkey, with additional contributions from David Fenton.