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Welcome! Image Hotspots Kelsey Shewfelt Language & Linguistics 32 minutes ago U
What Is an Infographic? Interactive Video Sarah Jensen Language & Linguistics 2 hours ago U
APQP Questions Process Validat… Flashcards Dorina Grossu Technology & Engineering 4 hours ago CC BY-SA
Syllable Stress Drag Text Lois Schaefer Language & Linguistics 4 hours ago U
Counterarguments Matching Prac… Drag and Drop Stephanie Kinzie Language & Linguistics 4 hours ago U
Test 1 Synonym Review Drag Text Christine Martin Language & Linguistics 8 hours ago U
Subject-verb agreement Fill in the Blanks Shayla Ahamd Language & Linguistics 20 hours ago U
Sampling in Quantitative Resea… Drag Text Andrea Miller Medicine & Nursing 23 hours ago U
EIDM Common Terminology Flashcards Andrea Miller Medicine & Nursing 1 day ago U
10 Word Module 2 Terminology Speak the Words Set Aimee Light Medicine & Nursing 1 day ago U
APQP Advanced Product Quality… Interactive Book Dorina Grossu Technology & Engineering 1 day ago CC BY-SA
Course Welcome Image Hotspots Donna Naylor Language & Linguistics 1 day ago U
WRIT 3989: Self-Paced Library… Course Presentation Stephanie Quail Business & Management 1 day ago U
Welcome! Course Presentation John Peco Business & Management 2 days ago U
Obstetrics, Reproductive &… Single Choice Set Jenn Medicine & Nursing 2 days ago U
D2L Daylight 2.0 Template Gall… Image Slider chris lombardo Reference 2 days ago U
CVP Analysis with Sales Volume… Course Presentation Lisa Koster Mathematics & Science 2 days ago CC BY-NC-SA
Fantasy and Realism in Childre… Course Presentation Ana Vintan Literature 2 days ago U
Palliative Approach e-Learning… Interactive Book Anna Tolonen Medicine & Nursing 2 days ago U
Facilities management - space… Question Set Sue Pratt Business & Management 3 days ago CC BY-NC-SA