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Catalogue of H5P Content

Table Details Displays a list of content created and shared by members of this site.
Title Type Author Subject Last Updated License
In-Text Citation Interactive A… Question Set Alyssa Hall Reference 1 year ago U
QA IT Software review Question Set Andrea Filiatrault Computing & IT 1 year ago U
Creative Commons License Quiz Question Set Lillian Hogendoorn Reference 3 years ago CC BY-NC-SA
Performance Appraisal Process… Question Set Sue Pratt Business & Management 1 year ago CC BY-NC-SA
Module 4 - Multiple Choice Question Set Brian Gould Business & Management 1 year ago U
Types of articles and characte… Question Set Sara Niro Technology & Engineering 2 years ago CC BY-NC
Module 14 mousse quiz Question Set Michaela Hapak Health & Development 3 years ago U
ADMN 2610 Wk 2 Calculating Fed… Question Set Terry Greene Business & Management 6 months ago CC BY-NC
English as Additional Language… Question Set MacPherson Institute Learning Catalogue Reference 9 months ago U
Asthma Question Set Kenesha Haye Health & Development 2 years ago U
COMP106 Week 1 Digital Literac… Question Set Kerri Shields Computing & IT 2 years ago U
Atoms and Elements Question Set Julia Ablarde Medicine & Nursing 8 months ago U
Orientation - Phase 2 Question Set Sandra Language & Linguistics 1 year ago U
Activity-Citations and Academi… Question Set Anabella Arcaya Reference 1 year ago CC BY-NC-SA
HORTLA009: M2 - QuizFB Question Set Brian Gould Earth & the Environment 2 years ago U
Operating a Contracting Small… Question Set Jessica David Law 2 years ago U
Droit d'auteur et licence… Question Set Mélanie Brunet Référence 3 months ago CC BY
Female Reproductive System: Re… Question Set Amy Dobbie Health & Development 8 months ago U
What does Communications and M… Question Set Sue Pratt Business & Management 1 year ago CC BY-NC-SA
To Do List (forcing a multiple… Question Set Jennifer Peters Business & Management 3 years ago CC BY-NC