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Title Type Author Subject Last Updated License
Mergers Drag the Words Anela Tomac Business & Management 3 years ago U
5.1b-The-Adjoint Drag the Words Faisal Al-Faisal Mathematics & Science 1 month ago CC BY-SA
Neuropathic Pain: Drag & D… Drag the Words Richard Lebert Medicine & Nursing 4 years ago U
L3.1 -어요/아요 (New Gen. Korean) Drag the Words Soonae Bac Language & Linguistics 3 years ago U
Street food vocab practice Drag the Words Larissa Conley Language & Linguistics 2 years ago U
French - Open Course Design Pr… Drag the Words Ontario Extend Computing & IT 1 year ago CC BY-NC
Syntactic functions 2 Drag the Words Brett Reynolds Language & Linguistics 4 years ago U
Social and Cognitive Errors CO… Drag the Words Denise Nielsen Philosophy & Religion 3 years ago U
Week 1 review activity Drag the Words Yvonne Armstrong Law 1 month ago CC BY
(In Use) M6 Spoken vs. Written… Drag the Words Martin Tan Language & Linguistics 3 years ago U
CSE Referencing Drag the Words Shannon Langlois Reference 4 years ago U
Sociology Media Key Terms Drag the Words Brian Mandeville Society & Social Sciences 3 years ago U
Inorganic matter in the human… Drag the Words Ankush kumar Health & Development 4 months ago U
Third Safety Check Drag the Words Helene St-Pierre Medicine & Nursing 3 years ago U
What is Mindfulness? Fill in t… Drag the Words Carrie Mallon Society & Social Sciences 1 year ago U
BU4043 M1U1- Learning Activity… Drag the Words NC-BUS Business & Management 1 month ago U
Basic Accounting Terms Drag the Words Sharon Business & Management 11 months ago U
Schedules of Reinforcement Drag the Words Elham Satvat Society & Social Sciences 3 months ago CC BY-NC
AI Terminology Drag the Words Jesslyn Wilkinson Computing & IT 1 week ago CC BY
JBP Lesson 1 – Day 14 Drag the Words Miyabi Nowzari Language & Linguistics 5 months ago U