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Catalogue of H5P Content

Table Details Displays a list of content created and shared by members of this site.
Title Type Author Subject Last Updated License
Proofreaders' Marks Match… Memory Game Sana Zargar Business & Management 1 year ago CC BY-NC-SA
C1: Matching stats concepts wi… Memory Game Darren Stanley Mathematics & Science 1 year ago CC BY-NC-SA
nail shapes Memory Game Krysta McBain Technology & Engineering 2 months ago U
OAME 257 - Ch. 5 Memory Game Sana Zargar Health & Development 1 year ago CC BY-NC-SA
Benefits of Open Access Memory Game peggy french Reference 1 year ago U
Word 2019-Lesson 4 Memory Game Tammy Mang Computing & IT 1 year ago CC BY-NC-ND
Statistics Definitions Memory Game Hyla Davis Mathematics & Science 11 months ago CC BY-NC
5R of OER Matching Game Memory Game Nady Tannir Technology & Engineering 11 months ago U
Defining Adjective Clause Matc… Memory Game Stephanie Kinzie Language & Linguistics 1 year ago U
Memory Game Memory Game Orientation Assistant Reference 6 months ago U
COMP106 Week 10 Knowledge Chec… Memory Game Kerri Shields Computing & IT 1 year ago U
Scientific Notation Memory Mat… Memory Game Kevin Pitts Mathematics & Science 8 months ago CC BY-NC-SA
Participatory action research Multiple Choice Jennifer Innis Medicine & Nursing 1 year ago U
Next Steps Checklist Multiple Choice Orientation Assistant Reference 4 months ago U
Lat/long exercise Multiple Choice Rebecca Doyle Earth & the Environment 10 months ago U
DRI definition MC Question Multiple Choice Cassandra Cumpson Health & Development 9 months ago U
What experiential learning is/… Multiple Choice Kyle Mackie Society & Social Sciences 1 year ago CC BY
Athletic Training Education Co… Multiple Choice Christine Brown Health & Development 10 months ago U
L11.3 이그저 (New Gen Korean) Multiple Choice Yujeong Choi Language & Linguistics 1 month ago U
Spanish verbs ser and estar Multiple Choice Betty Múnera Language & Linguistics 1 month ago U