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Communication Essentials Test… Interactive Book Bert Slessor Society & Social Sciences 1 year ago U
Communication Within Family-Ce… Interactive Book Jessica Sleeman Medicine & Nursing 1 year ago U
Synthesis: Julia Child Interactive Book Vanessa Nino Language & Linguistics 10 months ago U
Using Camerise - A Step-by-Ste… Interactive Book Hilary Barlow Language & Linguistics 10 months ago U
Stone working tools Interactive Video Rene Letoile Technology & Engineering 6 months ago U
Mastering Zotero: Intro to Col… Interactive Video Kris Joseph Reference 1 year ago CC BY
HLSC 3910 Part 4: Library Reso… Interactive Video Lydia Thorne Health & Development 7 months ago U
Foodie Favorites - Winter 2022… Interactive Video Ava Shum Business & Management 5 months ago U
What Is an Infographic? Interactive Video Sarah Jensen Language & Linguistics 9 months ago U
Raster typology reviewed Interactive Video Michael Sawada Computing & IT 2 years ago U
Assignment 1 Interactive Video BENJAMIN QUITO Business & Management 1 year ago U
M8A Focal & Block Neighbou… Interactive Video Michael Sawada Computing & IT 1 year ago U
Demonstration of Aseptic Techn… Interactive Video Matt Clarke Mathematics & Science 2 years ago U
Understanding the Economic Sho… Interactive Video Katie Burton Business & Management 1 year ago CC BY-NC
Introduction to Measurement fo… Interactive Video Fleming Math Faculty Mathematics & Science 2 years ago U
Good Presentations vs Bad Pres… Interactive Video Hailey Wyman Reference 9 months ago U
Discussion Skills Interactive Video Iryna Butsenko Language & Linguistics 6 months ago U
Project selection methods: pre… Interactive Video Ghada Hussein Business & Management 2 years ago CC BY-NC
Academic Honesty @ York: Raz… Interactive Video Student Learning & Academic Success Reference 3 months ago CC BY-NC-SA
CCAA SFIC Cardio & Stretch… Interactive Video Leslie Health & Development 1 year ago U