ASIP-DT-14 Empathy Map Drag and Drop


Empathy maps reflect what a person is saying, thinking, doing, and feeling about their experience.

Scenario: While volunteering at the IMAGINE Clinic associated with the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy this summer, Celia was tasked with exploring different approaches to managing hospital appointments. Her supervisor was interested in understanding the implications of implementing an automated recommendation system to determine whether a patient requires an appointment. Celia decided to use an empathy map in order to better understand the patient experience when booking appointments. Celia completed multiple structured interviews with various patients, received consent to record their conversations, and transcribed her observations into an empathy map.

Instruction: Drag and drop each observation into the relevant category, then click the blue "Check" button.

References: Available in H5P metadata.

Attribution: This activity is used in the Arts & Science Internship Program's open educational resource, "Ideation and Planning Skills for Employment Success", available through eCampusOntario's Open Library in Spring 2023.

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