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ASIP-WI-23 New Employee Job Crafting - Sarah


Scenario: Careers in accounting are commonly understood to be very systematic and rigid with rules, regulations, and reporting standards, which can be very daunting for industry professionals. As a recent accounting graduate, Sarah, who had very little experience in the industry outside her degree, started in her new role as a public accountant. Here is a summary of how she transformed some aspects of her work:

  • Sarah is a person who enjoys connections with people and helps out in any way she can. Every time she felt negative about her new job, she started to re-examine the purpose of her work, how she can help businesses to correctly file taxes. She started to realize how her job can make an impact on others. She began to craft her job to frame it as an opportunity to rise to the occasion and use her files as a way to help her clients and fulfill her desire to help people in her everyday life. Further, through her interactions with clients, Sarah began to appreciate how her clients depended on her to finish their year-end and corporate taxes for their businesses.
  • Sarah also began to make more connections with her coworkers, which allowed her to learn from them to broaden her knowledge and experience through multiple projects. This made her realize how she could enjoy and appreciate the way she chooses to carry out her work, and this further impacted her productivity and engagement at work.
  • Finally, Sarah began to take it upon herself to help her firm in their hiring and recruiting process because she enjoys creating connections with others. She used these connections from her past to recruit new hires and gain attention from the local university during the process. This created a new path and another aspect of her job that made her feel fulfilled by helping her firm to connect with new opportunities.

Instruction: Think about Sarah's case study, select your answer to the question, and click the blue "Check" button. 

Attribution: This activity is used in the Arts & Science Internship Program's open educational resource, "Workplace Innovation Skills for Employment Success", available through eCampusOntario's Open Library in Spring 2023.

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