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ASIP-EP-4 Purpose, Research, and Resources


When preparing a presentation, one must consider its purpose, research, and resources.

Scenario: Think about Celia and her project establishing a new patient booking system with the IMAGINE Clinic, which we discussed in the Design Thinking module. Celia is now preparing a presentation about her project. How might she develop and begin organizing tasks (similar to what you would do when developing your SI Challenge proposal)? Think about this in context of preparing a presentation on the topic. Which of the following statements would be considered Celia's purpose, research, and resources?

Instruction: At the top of the image, there is a stack of grey "cards" with text. Drag each card to one of the three places below: purpose, research, or resources. Click the blue "Check" button to check your answers.

References: Available in H5P metadata.

Attribution: This activity is used in the Arts & Science Internship Program's open educational resource, "Ideation and Planning Skills for Employment Success", available through eCampusOntario's Open Library in Spring 2023.

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