Creating an Interactive H5P Activity for Health & Safety Awareness in the Workplace

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  1. Question 1: What is the correct procedure if you discover a fire in the workplace?
    • A) Use the elevator to evacuate
    • B) Shout "Fire" and run to the nearest exit
    • C) Activate the fire alarm and evacuate using the stairs
    • D) Continue working and wait for instructions
    • Correct Answer: C
  2. Question 2: Which of the following is an example of personal protective equipment (PPE)?
    • A) Safety glasses
    • B) Earplugs
    • C) Gloves
    • D) All of the above
    • Correct Answer: D
  3. Question 3: What should you do if you notice a spill in a hallway?
    • A) Ignore it and hope someone else will clean it up
    • B) Clean it up immediately, even if you don't have the proper equipment
    • C) Report it to the appropriate personnel and ensure the area is marked to prevent accidents
    • D) Walk carefully around it and continue with your task
    • Correct Answer: C
  4. Question 4: Which of the following is a common ergonomic risk factor in the workplace?
    • A) Poor lighting
    • B) Excessive noise
    • C) Repetitive motions
    • D) Chemical exposure
    • Correct Answer: C
  5. Question 5: What is the first step in performing CPR?
    • A) Give two rescue breaths
    • B) Check the scene for safety
    • C) Start chest compressions
    • D) Call for emergency services
    • Correct Answer: B
  6. Question 6: How often should fire drills be conducted in the workplace?
    • A) Once a year
    • B) Twice a year
    • C) Every month
    • D) Every five years
    • Correct Answer: B
  7. Question 7: Which of the following should be done to prevent slips, trips, and falls in the workplace?
    • A) Keep walkways clear of clutter
    • B) Use proper signage for wet floors
    • C) Ensure adequate lighting
    • D) All of the above
    • Correct Answer: D
  8. Question 8: What is the best way to handle hazardous chemicals in the workplace?
    • A) Store them in any available container
    • B) Mix them together to save space
    • C) Follow the instructions on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    • D) Dispose of them in regular trash bins
    • Correct Answer: C
  9. Question 9: When lifting a heavy object, you should:
    • A) Bend your back and keep your legs straight
    • B) Bend your knees and keep your back straight
    • C) Use your arms only
    • D) Twist your body while lifting
    • Correct Answer: B
  10. Question 10: What should you do if you experience or witness workplace violence?
    • A) Confront the aggressor immediately
    • B) Leave the area and report the incident to a supervisor or security
    • C) Ignore it and hope it will stop
    • D) Take matters into your own hands
    • Correct Answer: B