ASIP-WI-14 Fifth Element Innovation


Here we shift focus from employees' role in engaging in innovation within the workplace to the organization's role to support workplace innovation. At this macro level of focus, a number of elements are needed for the organization to encourage, support, and leverage innovative work by employees. The following framework from Workplace Innovation Europe identifies four components of workplace innovation that must come together for workplace innovation initiatives to pay off for the organization:

  1. Jobs, teams, and technology
  2. Employee-driven innovation and improvement
  3. Organizational structures, management, and procedures
  4. Co-created leadership and employee voice

The second component above, employee-driven innovation and improvement, is the focus of this module and your work term. However, the capability you develop in this course can only create value when the organizational context encourages, supports, and recognizes innovative employee behaviour, which we will discuss in more detail later in the module. 

The four components of organizational capability for workplace innovation create a synergy that results in what is sometimes referred to as the "Fifth Element". Let's explore indicative practices and associated outcomes for each of these components.

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