ASIP-WI-13 Workplace Innovation Case Study Knowledge Check


This article explains how Arginta Engineering, a European integrated manufacturing company based in Lithuania, incorporated workplace innovation practices at the individual, organizational, and process levels to improve their workers' engagement and commitment, as well as the quality of their offerings.

This video from European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN) explains how the United Kingdom's Met Office (Britain's central weather agency) initiated a culture of innovation within their workplace.

A closer examination of the two cases (Arginta Engineering and the Met Office) reveals that different approaches have been adopted for engagement with workplace innovation. In the case of Arginta, a top-down approach to implementation of workplace innovation practices has been adopted, whereas in the Met Office, a group of innovative employees decided to initiate a culture of innovation within their workplace. The approaches were different, so why did they both work? What was the key to success?

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