ASIP-PMIntro-12a Project Management Knowledge Areas


All project managers have transferable skills that allow them to successfully manage a project. Depending on the task or project you are working on, you will find that some areas of knowledge will be more prominent than others. However, it is important to understand how the projects are operating all around you and how these factors will impact your work. For example, even if your specific project may not require a budget, your work will likely indirectly impact the organization's overall operational budget (e.g., salaried staff time). The ten project management knowledge areas are: Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Resources, Communications, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholders, and Integration. 

Scenario: In this activity, we will define each knowledge area and then give an example of how it applies to building a house.

Instruction: Click "Turn" to read about the example. Click the blue arrow to go to the next card. There are 10 cards in total, one for each knowledge area.

References: Available in H5P metadata.

Attribution: This activity is used in the Arts & Science Internship Program's open educational resource, "Ideation and Planning Skills for Employment Success", available through eCampusOntario's Open Library in Spring 2023.

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