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Introduction to Health Economics

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Introduction to Health Economics for Public Health Practitioners (OTTA-1255) is a 3-section learning module aimed at graduate and post-graduate level learners in the fields of medicine and public health.  


The first section of the module introduces learners to the field of health economics by answering six questions and concluding with a review of challenges and equity in health economics. The six questions are: What is health economics?;  Why is health economics important to Canada’s health system?; What is economic evaluation?; How do you conduct an economic evaluation?; What is Budget Impact Analysis (BIA)?; What is Health Technology Assessment (HTA)? 


Section 2 is presented as an interactive, branching case scenario, with the learner positioned as a member of an expert Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine Advisory Panel. Through consultation with other panel members, including a Health Economist and a Bioethicist, the learner will make a series of choices in advising the Ontario government on HPV vaccination policies.   


Section 3 is structured as a read and analyze exercise that will challenge the learner to apply health economics to rare disease. The learner will be presented with two articles and a report on Kalydeco written by CADTH (the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health). Kalydeco is a drug treatment for cystic fibrosis. A series of questions following the reading will guide the learner in appraising the documents from the perspective of a health economist.