2020 Software Computer Aided Drafting video Tutorial

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Computer Aided Drafting Video Tutorial

The tutorial includes seven 2020 software video modules demonstrating how to create a Kitchen Design along with a step by step manual.

The module includes the following videos with direct YouTube links below:

  1. Opening & Saving Drawings
  2. Creating a Floor Plan
  3. Accessing Catalogues & Adding Kitchen Base Cabinets.
  4. Creating Upper Cabinets, Mouldings & Creating Elevations.
  5. Creating a Mechanical Plan & Mechanical Legend.
  6. Adding Text, Changing Finishes & Creating Perspective Rendering.
  7. Creating a Title Block & Printing a Drawing Package.
  8. Link to Project Manual 

2020 software message to students:

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This project is made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampus Ontario's support of the Virtual Learning Strategy. To Learn more about the Virtual Learning Strategy visit: eCampus Ontario

This project is created by Mary Dancey & Jennifer Lucifora and licensed under the Ontario Commons License