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Catalogue of H5P Content

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Title Type Author Subject Last Updated License
Safety #1 Flashcards alan shehowsky Technology & Engineering 2 months ago U
Habit Loop Components flashcar… Flashcards Kosuke Maeda Society & Social Sciences 2 years ago U
Proofreaders Marks for Editing Flashcards Leah Klassen Reference 3 years ago U
Module 3 Flash Cards Flashcards Sahar Shahdad Medicine & Nursing 2 years ago U
Medical Terminology Flashcards Monica Rosa Health & Development 2 years ago U
KM reimbursement calculations Flashcards Mel Pigozzo Business & Management 5 months ago U
EAPI 107 Price Gouging Vocab Flashcards Janet Moore Language & Linguistics 2 years ago U
3 main regions of cell Flashcards Anshika Health & Development 10 months ago U
Solving Proportions - Review Flashcards Lisa Koster Mathematics & Science 2 years ago CC BY-NC-SA
Management Accounting Flashcards Sachi Kara Business & Management 3 years ago CC BY-NC-SA
Peer Mentor Quiz 1 Flashcards VIJAY BABU Reference 2 years ago U
Warbler Identification Flashcards Sally Wilson Earth & the Environment 1 month ago CC BY
Preparing to Mentor Flash Card… Flashcards Clayton Smith Society & Social Sciences 3 years ago U
heath care term Flashcards emma Health & Development 2 years ago U
Medical Terminology module 1 Flashcards jose angelim moreira junior Health & Development 2 years ago GNU GPL
Extubation Flashcards Justine Verville-Fiset Santé et Développement humain 3 weeks ago OCL, U
HORTLA009: Module 3 Leaf Shape… Flashcards Brian Gould Earth & the Environment 2 years ago U
COMP701 Week 13 Knowlege Check Flashcards Kerri Shields Computing & IT 2 years ago U
Dewey Decimal: The 10 Classes Flashcards Noah Lauzon Reference 1 year ago OCL, U
HORTHOR05 - Test Your Knowledg… Flashcards Brian Gould Earth & the Environment 1 year ago U