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Dental Reprocessing Lab Simula… Virtual Tour (360) Sarah Wendorf Medicine & Nursing 10 months ago CC BY-NC-SA
Biol 3114 Mount McKay virtual… Virtual Tour (360) Colin S St.James Earth & the Environment 3 months ago U
World Agricultural History Tes… True/False Question Alexander Quiquero Earth & the Environment 7 months ago U
A Quiz on OER True/False Question Michelle Splinter Reference 2 months ago U
Growth Mindset - Developing Yo… True/False Question Victoria Wylie Health & Development 8 months ago U
Plumbing Trade Calculations True/False Question Edward Logan Technology & Engineering 1 week ago U
History of Paralympic Games Timeline Christine Brown Health & Development 3 months ago U
A Short History of OER Timeline Lillian Hogendoorn Law, Reference 6 months ago CC BY
Open Access Timeline Timeline peggy french Reference 7 months ago CC BY-NC-SA
Getting Organized: Important D… Timeline Rachael Gallant Reference 7 months ago U
BCE-CE timeline Timeline Andrea Wenckebach History 4 months ago U
Timeline of carbon output in u… Timeline Tom Mikel Earth & the Environment 3 months ago CC BY
2020 as Earth's history Timeline Lisa Tutty Earth & the Environment, Mathematics & Science 6 months ago CC BY-NC
Historical Helping Milestones… Timeline susan kalles History 4 months ago U
The characteristics of verbs s… Summary Brett Reynolds Language & Linguistics 7 months ago U
Summary observations about ras… Summary Michael Sawada Computing & IT 3 months ago U
Dimensions of Health Quality Summary Toni Lemon Health & Development 2 months ago U
Angiosperm life cycle review w… Summary Susanne Walford Mathematics & Science 1 month ago U
Summary Quiz Logos Summary Chandra Hodgson Language & Linguistics 4 months ago U
Tense and aspect Summary Brett Reynolds Language & Linguistics 4 months ago U