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Catalogue of H5P Content

Table Details Displays a list of content created and shared by members of this site.
Title Type Author Subject Last Updated License
Street food vocab practice Drag the Words Larissa Conley Language & Linguistics 1 year ago U
Research Data Management: How… Drag the Words Danica Evering Reference 3 months ago OCL, U
L4 Discussion Gambits Review Drag the Words Joan Hartwig Language & Linguistics 1 year ago U
Classifying Science and Scient… Drag the Words Lisa Tutty Earth & the Environment, Mathematics & Science 3 years ago CC BY-NC
COMP106 2019 Week 7 Knowledge… Drag the Words Kerri Shields Computing & IT 2 years ago U
Omni Review: Accessing Resourc… Drag the Words Chelsie Lalonde Reference 1 year ago OCL, U
L12.3 -(으)면 (New Gen Korean) Drag the Words Yujeong Choi Language & Linguistics 2 years ago U
Attachment Theory Drag the Words Sara Slater Society & Social Sciences 3 years ago CC BY
Patterns of Organization and C… Drag the Words Chandra Hodgson Language & Linguistics 3 years ago U
Drag and drop Course Descripti… Drag the Words Annette Patrick Language & Linguistics 3 years ago U
COMP106 Week 7 Key Terms Drag the Words Kerri Shields Computing & IT 3 years ago U
Culture, Ethnicity, Nationalit… Drag the Words Katie Stortz Society & Social Sciences 3 years ago U
International Predeparture - M… Drag the Words Brian Gould Society & Social Sciences 2 years ago U
IASP Pain Terminology Drag the Words Richard Lebert Medicine & Nursing 3 years ago U
Informational Interview Questi… Drag the Words Sue Pratt Business & Management 2 years ago CC BY-NC-SA
Medical Terms Drag the Words Patience Bioye Health & Development 2 years ago U
PL3003 M1U1 Key Terms (Overvie… Drag the Words LEID Law 2 months ago U
Final Exam Vocabulary Drag-and… Drag the Words Jessica King Language & Linguistics 11 months ago OCL, U
Diseases of Public Health Sign… Drag the Words Ken Diplock Health & Development 1 year ago U
Acids and Bases - Equations Drag the Words Jessica Anderson Mathematics & Science 2 years ago U